About Us

Invented in 1990, AQUA EXERCISERS is an Australian owned and operated company.  All products are made in Australia and distributed across the world.

AQUA EXERCISERS are specifically developed for use in water exercise to strengthen, tone and build muscle through a range of simple repetitive movements against the natural resistance of the water. It’s a low impact workout that uses the buoyancy of the water to make exercising more enjoyable, great for all ages!  

AQUA EXERCISERS are extensively used by therapists for rehabilitation and aqua aerobics instructors and personal trainers to improve, increase and build muscle. They are just like using weights in the water - you choose how fast you use them, which changes the resistance.  

 AQUA EXERCISERS are ideal for lateral, vertical and horizontal exercising at your own pace from low level rebuilding to high repetition aerobic workouts.  

AQUA EXERCISERS are UV and chloride resistant with a comfortable handle and a sleeve that is low impact on your joints. They float on the top of the water when not in use which allows you to continue with your workout or therapy without interruption.  

AQUA EXERCISERS are available in two sizes which depends on the level of workout you require and the amount of resistance needed.